October Thursday, 2014 at 5:15 pm



Sinclair Skinner is an engineer, activist and civil rights champion. At the age of 19, Skinner was the deputy voter registrar in the heart of the Deep South registering poor, disenfranchised Black voters. He went on to mobilize voters all across the State of Alabama.

At Tuskegee University, Skinner became President of the Student Government Association. As president, he lead a student protest against the oppressive and misguided university policies.

His activism led him to leave Alabama to attend Howard University where he continued to develop his acumen for grassroots organizing –including the “Rock the Vote” and “Million Man March” movements.

After graduating from Howard University, Skinner purchased a former crack house across the street from the university, and in a short time organized his neighbors to help eliminate drugs trafficking on the entire block.

Soon, he was elected ANC Commissioner of neighborhood 1B09 in 1998, and went on to become the director of the Black U Street Association, and the lower Georgia Ave Business Association. Skinner also published The Georgia Ave. Defender newsletter, and founded the Nile Valley Business Corridor Association –an organization that organized neighbors to fight crime and take back their streets.

As a trained engineer working on designing weapons of mass destruction during the Persian war, Skinner’s moral compass forced him to leave the program and began to pursue engineering that served the greater good.